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Larissa Lognay Fine Art Photography. Wildlife, landscapes, portraits. Belgian photographer who grew up in Africa and now lives in Montreal, Canada. She's sharing with us her true passion for traveling. Enjoy!

Details on products

You will notice you have 4 size options and 5 finish options for each picture. 
Acrylic glass, aluminium, canvas, metallic gloss and fine art.
Acrylic glass is simply the most amazing way to enjoy a beautiful photo.
Aluminium is a great lightweight gallery quality mounting. 
Canvas is perfect for those who like matte finishes and texture.
Metallic gloss and fine art are both high quality paper poster-like products, giving you flexibly at a lower price.

You can find a short but detailed description of each item below.

If you are located in Montreal, we can meet if you would like to have a look at samples from the products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me.



Original photo print under acrylic glass

The original photo print under premium crystal clear acrylic glass offers gallery quality and gives the picture a brilliant strength of expression that will impress any audience. The glass ensures the image has remarkable colors, impressive depth of field and luminosity. Acrylic glass is also much more robust and lighter than traditional glass and offers the photo natural protection from UV rays. Printed on the highest quality photo paper, the finest details and the richest colors will be just as impressive after 75 years as they are on the very first day. The sturdy aluminum base and the integrated hanging system gives you the chance to hang your photo on the wall easily and securely.

We package every direct print behind acrylic glass in a protective cover. The art security packaging is cut and seamed by CNC machines and is thereby always customized to your individual piece. Polystyrene holds your goods in place in the box. We send large formats in tailor-made wooden crates.

Original photo print mounted on aluminum

Gallery quality mounting. High quality paper. Laminated with a razor-thin UV film to protect against external elements. The laminated print is then mounted on a solid aluminum base. The low weight lets you hang the photo on the wall with ease – even if it’s a large format.

We package every original photo print on aluminum with a protective cover. Our art-secure packaging is cut and seamed by CNC machines, which is always customized to your individual piece. Polystyrene protects the edges. We ship large-format and panoramic works in tailor-made wooden crated.




A professional photo on traditional canvas combines cozy charm with simple elegance. With its unique matte surface the canvas gives the image a vibrant, haptic materiality. The canvas is mounted on a sturdy, solid wood frame without. The surface is resistant to gentle splashes of water and color shots have intense luminosity. The print extends around the edges of your frame, ensuring the image has the strongest possible impression throughout the room.

We package every canvas with a protective cover. Our art-secure packaging is cut and seamed by CNC machines, which is always customized to your individual piece. Polystyrene protects the edges. We ship large-format in tailor-made wooden crated.

Metallic gloss original photo print

The distinctive appearance of the Metallic premium paper will transform the photo into something quite unique: the photochemical emulsion favors white tones with a metallic shimmer, as well as rich, luminous colors with intense black tones. The colors remain brilliant – even after 100 years.

The high gloss surface and metallic look of the Metallic paper (235 g/m²) produce photos with extraordinary optical depth and strength of expression. The special film laminate coating gives white and metallic objects a glossy effect and strengthens their luminosity. Shots with strong contrasts benefit from the 3D effect that is created through vibrant whites and strong, imposing black tones. Color photos also benefit from the broad color spectrum, gaining in intensity. It is not only the unique appearance and high image stability of Metallic that impresses – its durability of 100 years makes it an absolute must-have.

We protect every photo print using wrapping tissue cut individually to the size of your order. A fibre board roll prevents unwanted bending and polystyrene holds your goods in place in the box.

Fine Art original photo print

The finest photo print in artistic perfection: the Fine Art print is luxurious, high-end and authentic. The premium ink ensure even the smallest details are visible and the colors appear freshly printed, even after 100 years. 308 g/m handmade paper in natural white with a matte surface.

We package your fine art print with the greatest care. A fibre board roll prevents unwanted folding and polystyrene holds your goods in place.